Chinese electric vehicle company NIO will hold an Power Day event in Shanghai on July 9, according to an invitation sent to CnEVPost.

NIO Power is NIO's energy service system, dedicated to providing full-scenario power-up services to vehicle owners. "On the third anniversary of the start of NIO Power's service, we will hold NIO Power Day in July," NIO said.

The event will take place at a hotel near Dishuihu Lake in Pudong, Shanghai, which houses one of NIO's battery swap stations.

NIO will showcase its products, technologies, and layout plans related to energy replenishment, according to the invitation.

June 28 marks the third anniversary of the NIO Power service.

Since June 28, 2018, when NIO Power first provided services to customers, it has now provided services more than 3.4 million times in total, NIO said on Friday.

NIO Power consists of an exclusive charging post, supercharging post, battery swap station, mobile charging car, NIO Cloud and NIO service staff, which is the foundation for NIO to provide its customers with a "chargeable, battery swappable and upgradeable" car experience.

The system was first conceived four years ago, and the battery swap station was debuted on NIO Day on December 16, 2017.

On May 20, 2018, NIO built its first battery swap station in Shenzhen, marking the birth of its signature battery replacement service.