Chinese electric vehicle company Motors announced today that it has reached 1,140 charging stations under its own brand, covering 164 cities in China.

Xpeng offers free charging services to vehicle owners and now has a cumulative total of 19,019 charging piles, the company said.

Xpeng plans to expand its charging network to cover up to 200 cities by 2021.

Last week, Xpeng announced that its charging station layout covers the Chengdu-Lhasa stretch of National Highway 318 in southwestern China, containing one supercharging station and 12 destination charging stations.

On average, there is an Xpeng free charging station every 170km along this scenic route of more than 2,250km, from 500m to 4,100m above sea level, the company said.

At the recently concluded Shanghai auto show, Xpeng Chairman and CEO He Xiaopeng said that by the end of 2021, Xpeng strives to provide free charging services in all prefecture-level cities nationwide and expand to enhance the charging experience for car owners in multiple scenarios such as highways and airports.