's first second-gen battery swap station goes live in Hefei, where its China headquarters is located

Chinese electric vehicle company Nio's first second-generation battery swap station has gone live in Hefei, the city where Nio China is headquartered, as construction is about to begin on a smart electric vehicle industrial park there.

Nio announced the news on the Nio App on Wednesday, making the facility the company's fifth battery swap station in the capital city of Anhui and the 206th battery swap station in China.

The station is located at the State Grid Smart Energy Service Station in Hefei, which is the first demonstration project in China to house a battery swap station, charging station, solar power plant, energy storage station, data center, 5G base station, and BeiDou ground-based augmentation station at the same time.

The station is located at the intersection of Shixin Road and Yungu Road in Hefei Economic Development Zone, about 4 km from JAC Nio Hefei Advanced Manufacturing Base.

Up to now, Nio has 5 battery swap stations, 4 supercharging stations, and access to 8,799 third-party charging piles in Anhui Province.

Nio has built 206 battery swap stations, 147 supercharging stations, 329 destination charging stations, and connected to more than 380,000 third-party charging piles in China to date.

On April 15, Nio's first second-generation battery swap station was officially opened at the Sinopec Chaoying gas station in Beijing, the first charging facility built jointly by the electric vehicle company and the fossil fuel giant.

Compared to the first-generation battery swap station, the second-generation facility will be cheaper to build and will have an increased number of batteries to 13.

Nio's second-generation battery swap station can serve up to 312 times a day, which is three times more efficient than the first-generation battery swap station.

In addition, the second-generation battery swap station can also support automatic vehicle parking. Users do not need to get out of the car, they can start the battery swap automatically with a single click in the car.

After the opening of the first second-generation battery swap station in Hefei, Nio is about to have a busy day.

Nio's new factory will be included in the construction of the Hefei Xinqiao Intelligent Vehicle Industrial Park, which will start on April 29, when it is likely to announce the launch of its electric vehicle production expansion plan.

CnEVPost reported earlier this month that Nio and the city of Hefei will jointly build a smart electric vehicle industrial park that will begin construction on April 29.

This is a world-class industrial park involving R&D, manufacturing, lifestyle services, and automotive culture.

This park is equivalent to an industrial cluster and will soon be home to some of the industry's leading industry chain companies, Cls.cn said in a previous report citing Nio's source, adding that Nio's new factory will also be located here.

April 29 is also the date when Nio plans to announce its first-quarter earnings report.

Nio reported earlier this month that it delivered 20,060 vehicles in the first quarter, up 422.7 percent year-on-year and up 15.6 percent from the previous quarter. This is also the first time Nio has reached over 20,000 deliveries in a single quarter.

(Source: Nio App)

(Source: Nio App)

(Source: Nio App)