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After 's president informally denied any involvement in the recent drama, the company issued a formal statement to further clarify.

Since April 26, NIO users, partners, and NIO have been subjected to a large number of organized online rumor attacks, so the company issued a clarification statement, it said.

Qijie, an NIO user, has been maliciously rumored to be a party to a certain brand's auto show rights defense, and Qijie has issued a statement to clarify this, NIO said.

NIO's partner, Webasto, is a well-known automotive parts company and a partner of almost all global automotive companies. In response to the online rumors, Webasto has issued a statement saying that it has nothing to do with the incident of the brand and NIO supports the statement, it said.

NIO has been attacked by a large number of organized rumors on the Internet, suggesting and insinuating that the incident is related to NIO, and the rumors are purely false and fabricated, the company said.

NIO has never participated in or promoted any third party to participate in the brand's rights defense drama. NIO has collected evidence and reported it to the relevant authorities in order to find out the facts and protect its rights, the statement reads.

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NIO did not explicitly mention Tesla, but apparently the "a certain brand" mentioned in the statement is Tesla.

On April 26, there were rumors that the female owner was traveling in an NIO vehicle on the first day of the show, and that she was the owner of a Model X that had complained about Tesla four years ago. Today she is the NIO owner nicknamed Qijie.

Qijie later responded on the NIO App that the female owner was not her and expressed sympathy for the Tesla owner.

Qin Lihong, co-founder and president of NIO, said in the comment section of his clarification that he was really angry and amused to see such news.