's first second-generation battery swap station was officially opened at the Sinopec Chaoying gas station in Beijing, the first charging facility built by the electric vehicle company in partnership with the fossil fuel giant.

It is also Nio's 201st battery swap station to date. The company's goal is to have 500 battery swap stations this year.

The milestone comes as Nio reached a strategic cooperation agreement with Sinopec on Thursday to build battery swap stations at more Sinopec stations in the future.

Compared to the first-generation battery swap station, the second-generation model will be cheaper to build and will have up to 13 batteries.

With the launch of the second-generation battery swap station, Nio will accelerate the layout of battery swap stations to alleviate the current pressure of tight resources for battery swapping.

Depending on whether the vehicle needs to be lifted or not, Nio's second-generation battery swap station will have two different modes.

For the version that requires the vehicle to be lifted like the first generation battery swap station, the battery capacity will be 7 or 13. For the version that does not require the vehicle to be lifted, the battery capacity will be 13.

Both battery swap stations have the same specifications, and both require 4.5 minutes for a one-touch battery swap.

Nio's second-generation battery swap station has a maximum daily service capacity of 312 times, which is three times more efficient than the first-generation battery swap station.

In addition, the second-generation battery swap station can also support automatic vehicle parking. The user does not need to get out of the car, but can start the battery swap in the car with one click.

Up to now, Nio has provided battery swap service more than 2 million times, which means that on average, every 10 seconds, a vehicle leaves the Nio battery swap station with a fully charged battery.

As an important part of Nio's energy service system, users can not only quickly replenish their energy on a daily basis, but also use the battery upgrade program to continuously enjoy the dividends of battery technology advancement.

With the launch of the first second-generation battery swap station, Nio will further accelerate the pace of battery swap station deployment to provide customers with a more convenient way to replenish energy.