Don't be surprised to see one after another Chinese company that has never been involved in the automotive field announce that they are starting to build cars, with TV maker Skyworth being the latest.

Skyworth announced Tuesday on Weibo that it will hold a launch event at 14:30 on April 27 Beijing Time to discuss "the future of Skyworth's smart car."

Skyworth did not explicitly state in its Weibo that it was launching a new car, but the company displayed a smart car at the 9th China Electronic Information Expo in Shenzhen from April 9 to 11.

According to Chinese media reports, the car is a facelift of the Skywell ET5, which will be renamed Skyworth after completing the upgrade, and the logo on its rear will be changed to "Skyworth".

Skywell was founded by Huang Hongsheng, founder of the Skyworth Group, whose Skywell ET5 was launched in October last year.

The brand has launched four models, offering two range versions with NEDC ranges of 410km and 520km respectively.

The Skywell ET5 is positioned as a mid-sized pure electric SUV with a length, width, and height of 4698mm/1908mm/1696mm and a wheelbase of 2800mm.

The vehicle is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument and 12.8-inch center screen and is equipped with a HEPA-level air conditioning filter.

It is worth noting that Skywell has developed the core technology of new energy buses including electric motors, electric control system, and electric drive.

Compared to new car makers such as , which started from scratch, Skyworth has already accumulated some experience in the field of car making.

Skyworth will be the latest addition to China's increasingly crowded new energy vehicle industry.

As CnEVPost reported earlier, on April 9, 36kr cited several industry sources familiar with the matter, saying that Xiaomi eco-chain company Roborock has opened a car-building project with its founder and CEO Chang Jing at the helm.

'Warring States Era' undoubtedly here! Another Chinese tech firm steps into car-making industry

The project operates under an independent car company, with Roborock making a contribution to the company, the report said.

Like , the company has chosen the extended-range technology route for its first vehicle, initially positioning the product as a hardcore off-road model similar to the Mercedes-Benz G series, the report said.

Several Chinese technology companies have announced their entry into the car-making industry so far this year.

On Jan. 11, Baidu announced that it was forming an electric car company with Geely Automobile to enter the industry as a vehicle manufacturer.

At the end of March, Xiaomi Group announced its entry into the car-making sector, with Lei Jun as its car company CEO and an initial investment of 10 billion yuan.

On April 6, LatePost cited multiple independent sources as saying that Chinese car-sharing giant Didi Chuxingy has launched a car-making project headed by Didi Vice President Yang Jun, who is also the chief product officer for Didi's D1, a custom car jointly released with .

You may ask, with so many tech companies joining the car-making industry, do they feel crowded? In fact, the answer is that we have a tradition of enjoying a crowded life.

Analysts say China's smart car industry's 'Warring States Era' has just begun