Chinese automaker SAIC recently launched its SOA (service-oriented structure) developer platform called Z-ONE at its developer conference, and Chinese technology company iFlytek announced its participation on April 13.

Z-ONE is based on centralized electrical and electronic architecture, decoupling hardware and software, and atomizing services for ICC, ICM, and other domain control modules, the company said.

Z-ONE includes an SOA software platform, a developer platform, and a data factory for smart vehicles.

"Our position for SOA is that we want to make it the Android of the automotive industry," SAIC said.

Z-ONE's hardware is pluggable, unpluggable, and scalable, and the software is buyable, sellable, and subscribable, according to Meng Chao, the chief architect.

The seven features of Z-ONE include the convergence of vehicle and cloud and standardization of multiple protocols.

SAIC's Smart Grid strategy is user-centric, with Smart Grid products, systems, and ecology as its direction, according to Zu Sijie, vice president and chief engineer of this company.

The strategy's technical capabilities include software foundation, artificial intelligence, network information security, data, and cloud computing.

By 2025, SAIC will invest a cumulative RMB 300 billion ($45.8 billion) in smart electric vehicle innovation, according to Zu.

Beta version of Z-ONE's SOA software developer platform is already available on the official website.

SAIC to invest $45.8 billion in innovation including smart EVs over next 5 years

SAIC launches developer platform, iFlytek first to join-CnEVPost

SAIC launches developer platform, iFlytek first to join-CnEVPost

(Source: SAIC)

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