Chinese electric carmaker Motors (NYSE: XPEV) disclosed a patent for a "listening method, listening device, vehicle, and storage medium" on March 26, filed in November 2020, according to data provider Qichacha.

The patent's listening method allows in-vehicle applications to obtain status information about Bluetooth calls without the use of additional protocols, the description shows.

The device in the patent acts as an intermediary for communicating with the user's phone via the Bluetooth protocol while interconnecting with the in-car smart system.

XPeng said the current Bluetooth phone is based on HFP, which communicates through the Bluetooth backbone. Android sets both interfaces hidden so that third-party applications can not directly listen to the Bluetooth call.

This patent allows third-party applications to listen to Bluetooth calls through the telephony manager to get its status information.

For example, when a call comes in, the telephony registry will notify the music player with call monitoring capabilities, which can perform preset actions including pausing the music and lowering the volume.

The legal status of the patent is currently "pending".

(Source: Qichacha)

(Photo: XPeng)