's second-generation battery swap station will have two models instead of the one previously announced on NIO Day, according to a report by Tencent News on Wednesday.

Leaked specs cited in the report show that NIO's second-generation battery swap station will include a version that does not require the vehicle to be lifted and a version that requires the vehicle to be lifted, similar to the first generation.

The time required to perform a battery swap is 4.5 minutes for both. The only difference is that the version that does not require the vehicle to be lifted can store up to 13 batteries, while the other one has 7 or 13.

This seems to conflict somewhat with previous announcements from NIO. A spokesperson from the company couldn't confirm the information.

The second generation of NIO battery swap stations released in January had a maximum of 13 batteries and could serve up to 312 times a day, more than a 3x improvement over the first generation of stations.

The second-generation battery swap station incorporates communication technology to support automatic vehicle parking, allowing users to activate the battery swap from inside the vehicle, NIO said.

The first second-generation battery swap station is expected to be available at the Sinopec gas station in Beijing on April 15.

NIO plans to increase the total number of battery swap stations in China to 500 by the end of this year.

(Photo: Tencent News)

(NIO execs visit the first second-generation battery swap station.)