Chinese electric vehicle maker has postponed the launch of its "100kWh battery flexible upgrade service" for two months because orders for the permanent 100kWh battery upgrade have not yet been met.

In a recent announcement on the NIO App, NIO said that the overall demand for the 100kWh battery is strong and has exceeded previous expectations, resulting in a short-term shortage of supply. Those who choose the flexible upgrade service will only be able to start booking in April at the earliest.

NIO released the 100kWh battery pack on November 6 last year and launched different plans for new and existing owners, BaaS plan users, and general users.

According to the plan released by NIO at that time, the delivery of 100kWh battery packs for new vehicle option and permanent upgrade users will be prioritized in early December 2020, and the delivery of 100kWh battery packs for flexible upgrade users will start in February 2021.

In response to the short-term shortage of supply, NIO plans to delay the scheduled 100kWh battery flexible upgrade service by two months to open the reservation. All customers with the optional 70kWh battery will have the flexibility to upgrade to the 100kWh battery, NIO said.

If customers upgrade on an annual basis, the cost will be RMB 7,980/year ($1,236), and reservations will open on April 18, 2021.

A monthly flexible upgrade will cost RMB 880 per month and reservations will be available in June 2021.

(Source: CnEVPost)