Chinese electric car maker Leapmotor said it delivered 1,522 new vehicles in January, down nearly 50 percent from December, due to a shortage of battery capacity.

The company said it received 5,588 orders for the month, including 3,388 for the Leap C11, which has been available for pre-order since January 1.

The Leap T03 had 2,154 orders in January, but only 1,476 units were delivered in January due to a shortage of battery capacity. A total of 46 new units of the Leap S01 were delivered in January.

The Leap C11 is positioned as a mid-level luxury SUV with a post-subsidy market guidance price of RMB159,800-199,800. However, due to the lack of production capacity, the Leap C11 delivery period was as long as 9 months.

It is worth mentioning that Leapmotor signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Hefei government in January and completed an RMB 4.3 billion Series B financing, raising RMB 1.3 billion in excess.

The financing will support Leap's investment in product development, channel layout, and brand promotion, the company said.

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(Source: Leapmotor)