Chinese EV maker Motors is recalling some XPeng G3 vehicles manufactured from March 29, 2019, to September 27, 2020, a total of 13,399 vehicles, a regulatory filing shows.

The vehicles within the recall are at risk of short-circuiting between the positive and negative electrodes of high-voltage DC, which may lead to no high-voltage electricity supply to the inverter, according to an announcement issued by China's State Administration for Market Regulation (SAMR).

XPeng said the recall decision was made on the company's own initiative.

XPeng found that some G3 vehicles have a problem with the inverter, which in extreme cases can result in blocked starting, or power being affected, the company said.

Therefore, XPeng has taken the initiative to carry out this recall action for some G3s in accordance with relevant national regulations and the company's quality management practices.

XPeng P7 saw deliveries of 3,691 units and XPeng G3 deliveries reached 2,009 units in December, both setting record highs in 2020.

XPeng delivered a total of 12,964 units in the fourth quarter, exceeding the company's guidance of 10,000 units by nearly 30 percent. This delivery volume was up 303 percent year-on-year and 51 percent over the previous quarter.

Of these, 8,527 XPeng P7 units were delivered in the fourth quarter, up 37 percent from the third quarter.

In 2020, XPeng delivered 27,041 units cumulatively for the year, up 112% from 2019.