Chinese electric vehicle maker Motors pushed Xmart OS v2.5.0 to users on the evening of January 26 Beijing time, its most feature-rich and powerful OTA upgrade, bringing the long-awaited Navigation Guided Pilot (NGP) automatic navigation-assisted driving (public beta) to users.

This upgrade added more than 40 new features and achieved more than 200 user experience optimizations, the company said.

XpengP7 is the first production model to receive the "SR Auto Driving Environment Simulation Display" feature along with the update.

When NGP is turned on, the vehicle's large screen will display a 360° view of the vehicle's surroundings with environmental simulation, speed limit instructions, and alerts of nearby construction, allowing drivers to grasp the vehicle's surroundings in real-time.

NGP also features 4 levels of safety alerts, dynamic traffic data integration, environmental data integration, and other safety measures.

The XPILOT automatic driving assistance system of Xpeng P7 in this OTA also adds a number of active safety assistance functions, including front collision warning, rear collision warning, lane departure warning, door opening warning, rear cross traffic alert, automatic emergency braking and traffic sign recognition.

The P7 Smart Edition models equipped with XPILOT 2.5 system will open LCC and ALC driving functions, while the P7 Smart Premium Edition and Pengyi Edition models equipped with XPILOT 3.0 system will optimize the driving experience.

ACC supports activation when the vehicle is stationary with the brake applied or in the AutoHold mode. LCC optimizes assisted cornering ability, and the minimum available speed of ALC function is adjusted down to 45km/h.

In terms of auto-parking, the success rate of auto-parking has increased by 26% after the upgrade, and the correct parking completion attitude rate has increased by 7%; the recognition rate of side front parking space has reached 88%, and the parking success rate has increased by 26%, and cell phone parking assistance has been added to the Smart Edition, Smart Premium Edition and Pengyi Edition models.

After this OTA upgrade, the all-scene voice function in Xmart OS 2.5.0 will be further optimized with a 20% increase in response speed.

It also adds three new applications: energy center, calls via Bluetooth, and camera, improving the fluency of voice use, and adds a number of practical commands such as "turn on/off single pedal mode" and "turn off low-speed analog sound".

The problem of " voice navigation interrupted after putting into R gear", which was a problem for users in the past, has also been optimized in Xmart OS 2.5.0.

In the future, after users put into R gear, the navigation search dialogue will not exit, but only pause, and the dialogue can be resumed after exiting R, without having to open it again.

In terms of the most commonly used music application by users, Xmart OS 2.5.0 will have a new revamp of the application interface, making its interface more beautiful, more reasonable in layout and clearer in logic.

The update will also optimize and upgrade the search function, lyrics display, and song ranks. Meanwhile, Xmart OS 2.5.0 will also add new audio applications such as Netease LOOK Audio Live, HIFI Music, and MIGU Karaoke, landing the most comprehensive audio application ecology in the industry.

In addition to this, the intelligent navigation one key down ground lock, light dance timed play, car habits grouping settings and other functions will also be available through this OTA.

In order to let users better understand these industry-leading new features before the upgrade, Xpeng Automotive held the "XpengP7 OTA Upgrade Briefing" on January 26 before the official launch of this upgrade, and will introduce the features including NGP to users through online live-streaming.

NGP, full name "NGP automatic navigation assisted driving", refers to the ability to achieve automatic navigation assisted driving from point A to point B based on the navigation route set by the user.

Currently, XpengP7 can realize high-speed NGP on the Smart Premium Edition and Pengyi Edition with XPILOT 3.0 system, that is, it can realize NGP function on most highways and some urban expressways covered by high-precision maps.

This function can assist users to achieve automatic lane change to overtake slow cars, automatically select the best lane, automatically adjust the speed limit, automatically enter and exit ramps, automatically switch highways, automatic emergency lane change avoidance, traffic cone barrel identification/avoidance, large truck avoidance, nighttime overtaking reminder, fault vehicle avoidance and other functions, which can assist in following the navigation path and guide the vehicle to the destination under applicable road conditions.

Xpeng APP has also opened the "Smart Driving Academy" column and launched the NGP safety tips video and the industry's first automatic assisted driving driver test, hoping that users will watch the video and complete the test before using NGP for the first time to better understand and use NGP.

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