Chinese electric car company Motors (NYSE: XPEV) announced on December 29 that it has added 34 new cities, including Anyang, Fuyang, Nanyang and Tangshan, to the list of cities where it offers free lifetime charging to its car owners, bringing the number of such cities to 100.

XPeng began offering the free service on September 26, 2020, when Beijing became the first city to offer free lifetime charging to XPeng owners.

The latest move brings the total number of Supercharging stations to 670.

XPeng said the announcement of the 34 new cities with free supercharging for owners on New Year's Eve is intended to provide XPeng owners with a better charging experience during the holiday travel rush.

The 34 cities are:

Anyang, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Deyang, Dezhou, Dongying, Fuyang, Heze, Hengshui, Hengyang, Huaian, Huanggang, Jining, Jingzhou, Jiujiang, Leshan, Linfen, Luoyang, Nanyang, Puyang, Quzhou, Taizhou, Tangshan, Xianyang, Xiangtan, Xiangyang, Xinxiang, Xingtai, Suqian, Huaihua, Yueyang, Yuncheng, Zhangzhou, Zibo and Qingyuan.

Since the launch of the service at the end of September, XPeng has been adding new cities to the service every month according to a set schedule and owner votes.

XPeng's self-built charging stations provide exclusive charging services for XPeng owners, alleviating problems such as charging queues and charging sites occupied by gasoline vehicles.

XPeng has also selected charging station operators, including State Grid, China Southern Power Grid, Teld, Star Charge and Xiaoju Charge, to provide free charging services to owners.

XPeng said it aims to expand the coverage of free charging services to 200 cities by 2021, and improve the charging experience for vehicle owners at highways and airports.