GAC's AION V, equipped with 's latest generation Baron 5000 chip, rolled off the production line on December 24, becoming the world's first mass-produced car equipped with a 5G chip.

The AION V has the world's first 5G and V2X in-vehicle intelligent communication system developed by GAC and is equipped with the world's first automotive-grade 5G module MH5000 - based on Huawei's new-generation Baron 5000 5G chip.

5G has three advantages: high speed, low latency, and wide connectivity, with transmission speed over 100 times faster than 4G, time delay only 1/50 of 4G, and can connect millions of terminals simultaneously.

Chinese car maker GAC releases electric SUV with 5G capability

Through the integration of 5G V2X technology and intelligent transportation network, AION V is the first to realize the real-time interconnection of vehicle-road-human-cloud, which can provide various new scenarios of L4 level intelligent driving and enhance driving safety and reliability.

V2V is also one of the anticipated scenarios of 5G Telematics. AION V has advanced interaction between the sames models, such as blind intersection collision warning, reverse overtaking blind zone warning, and in-car alert of traffic light information.

Through the intelligent cockpit function, AION V will support AR/VR ultra-high-definition online video.

With the support of 5G, the OTA upgrade is also faster, and AION V has a better experience in loading large files for an upgrade.