Tencent recently added several new patents, one of which involves smart driving technology, meaning the Chinese social giant is also taking aim at this hot new industry.

Tencent's patent, titled "An artificial intelligence-based vehicle control method, related device and storage medium," was filed on September 17, 2020, and made public on December 8, according to information from data provider Tianyancha.

The abstract of the patent mentions that this technology is able to achieve better following of the vehicle ahead by adjusting different parameters.

Specifically, the patent is able to obtain the initial acceleration, initial velocity, target acceleration, and target velocity corresponding to the target vehicle.

According to these speed data, the vehicle can determine the target scene type and control the target vehicle driving according to the speed curve path.

Autonomous driving has been in a rapid development stage in recent years, and a previous study said that the global autonomous driving market size reached $80 billion by 2025 and $280 billion by 2030.