The Shanghai and Guangzhou production bases of Evergrande NewEnergy Vehicle Group, the car making arm of China's biggest property developer China Evergrande, have recently started trial production, marking a step closer to getting the new Chinese EV maker's products to the public.

Evergrande NewEnergy has already launched six "Hengchi" models, which are expected to roll off the production line in the second half of next year.

According to Evergrande NewEnergy, the production base will be fully equipped with robotic arms and intelligent robots to complete the corresponding production processes, and will be able to produce one car per minute once full production starts.

Shanghai and Guangzhou are Evergrande's first batch of auto production bases with trial production conditions, and the entire production line has entered the equipment commissioning stage on August 7. These two bases are built according to Industry 4.0 standard and equipped with 2,545 intelligent robots.

According to the plan, Evergrande will build a number of similar production bases around the world to achieve an annual production capacity of about 1 million vehicles/year by 2025 and 5 million vehicles/year by 2035.

On August 3, Evergrande NewEnergy Group held simultaneous launches in Shanghai and Guangzhou to unveil six all-electric vehicles, from Hengchi1 to Hengchi6, each named after a number.

The six models cover all classes from A to D and include passenger car models such as sedans, SUVs, and MPVs. Hengchi says the vehicles will be mass-produced in 2021.

On November 10, the company unveiled the logo of its vehicle brand, Hengchi.

The logo means "Protect the blue sky and win in the red sea market. The Lion of the East leads the world", according to the company.

Previously named Evergrande Health, Evergrande NewEnergy earlier this year changed the company's name to "China Evergrande NewEnergy Vehicle Group Limited" in light of the fact that new energy vehicles have become the group's most important business.