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In order to further increase its model portfolio, BYD will launch a new A+ class sedan, according to BYD currently has popular sedan models including Qin, Han, and SUV models including Song, Yuan, Tang which are all named after China's dynasties.

Recently, a new model of BYD design sketches circulated on the Internet, the report said, the car will be a new BYD will be launched a new A + class sedan, which is also BYD following the medium-sized sedan "Han", a new model in the sedan market.

Although there is only one rear design image out, there are still many design highlights.

The most conspicuous is the tail lights throughout, and Tang, Han, and other models to maintain the family character, but the taillights inside the special styling elements, but also to the car to bring a higher degree of recognition.

On the sides, the waistline is fuller and presents a good sense of power. And the new car also uses the traditional door handles, not equipped with the current popular hidden handle, which may be due to the class positioning cost and practicality considerations.

In addition, the car's design drawings failed to reveal the layout of the exhaust vents, suggesting that the car is likely to use a pure electric powertrain.

However, in keeping with BYD's tradition, the car will also be available as a plug-in hybrid, and as for the fuel-powered version, it's still unknown.

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