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NIO founder and CEO William Li Bin said recently that NIO's home charging stations and 700 superchargers nationwide are currently profitable, adding that the company will deploy the second-generation battery swap stations next year.

On September 4, Li delivered a speech at the China Automotive Industry Development Forum in Tianjin. In the seminar the next day, he made the above remarks.

He said that the ratio of the home charging station, battery swap, and mobile battery swap is efficient, and the second generation of battery swap stations will be deployed next year, and 1,000 battery swap stations will be built in the future.

As of August 31, NIO ES8 and ES6 have seen total deliveries of 53,580 units in 307 cities.

Li said, in addition to a significant improvement in product competitiveness, NIO has also done a lot of service experience research and development around electric vehicles.

For example, in terms of charging and battery swap, 80% of NIO car owners have installed home charging stations, about 70% of car owners live in communities that allow the installation, NIO helps them complete the installation of charging stations.

On September 6, the first battery swap station was put into operation in Binzhou, Shandong Province, which is also the 147th NIO battery swap station in China.

William Li Bin also mentioned that the recently launched 20kW charging station, which costs nearly 10,000 RMB, was jointly developed and produced with partners.

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