William Li

Nio's Firefly models will still be competitive in Europe even with extra tariffs, says William Li

In the long term, if local sales reach a certain level, say 100,000 units, local production should take place, Nio CEO William Li said.

Xiaomi CEO visits Nio, checks out Onvo L60

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun tried to peddle a concept for a unified in-vehicle eco-system in a meeting that included Nio' William Li and Onvo president Ai Tiecheng.

Nio CEO picks Xpeng X9 MPV as his 1st non-Nio branded car choice in 8 years

Xpeng CEO personally delivered the Xpeng X9 MPV to Nio's William Li during his visit to Volkswagen Anhui and Nio in Hefei.

Nio's William Li calls for cooperation in more divided world in Harvard speech (full text)

The world is more divided than it was a decade ago, and bridging differences is becoming increasingly difficult, yet people can make choices and take action to build connections and increase understanding, Li said.

Nio's William Li visits battery maker Gotion's headquarters

Gotion's chairman said the battery maker will set up a project team to communicate with Nio on technologies, and expects to see substantial results from their cooperation soon.

Nio to maintain last year's R&D investment in 2024, says William Li

William Li talked about a lot of issues in an interview, including sub-brands, collaboration with other car companies on battery swap services, priorities for 2024.

Nio's William Li urges more focus on battery life as warranties expire on nearly 20 million NEVs over next 8 years

Li said batteries with lifetimes of up to 15 years are technically feasible, but it will take a concerted effort by the entire industry to advance the goal.

Full text: Nio CEO William Li's 1st letter to employees in 2024

In the letter, Li laid out his views on the competition in the EV industry in 2024, as well as Nio's priorities.

Nio needs to put every penny of investor and shareholder money to good use, says William Li

Nio needs to continue to improve its financial performance to support the company's sustainable growth, and has a responsibility and obligation to put every penny of investor and shareholder money to good use, Li said.

CYVN to become Nio's largest shareholder, while William Li to retain most voting rights

At the end of February, Li's stake in Nio was 10.5 percent, with 44.2 percent of the voting rights. CYVN will hold a 20.1 percent stake in Nio after its latest investment.