The city of Hefei in Central China's Anhui province plans to build battery swap facilities in partnership with , and plans to add 40 new battery swap facilities in 2020 and 2021, according to local media Anhui News.

At present Hefei has initially selected 20 battery swap station sites to be built in 2020, all state-owned public parking spots, with Hefei Charging Company responsible for the implementation, the report said.

As the first batch of new energy vehicle promotion and application pilot cities, Hefei has introduced a series of policies to support the development of new energy vehicles, strengthen charging and battery swap infrastructure construction, and strive to build intelligent charging network, the report said.

Among them, government facilities, public parking lots, transportation hubs, parks and scenic spots will be the preferred sites for public charging stations.

A source from Hefei's urban and rural construction bureau said that a total of nearly 35,000 preliminary sites have been selected, and "constructive studies can be conducted in batches on the preliminary sites, and those that can meet the construction conditions, such as the surrounding power supply conditions and environmental facilities, will be immediately organized and implemented."

So far, Hefei has built a total of about 47,000 various types of charging facilities, which can meet the daily average of about 120,000 new energy vehicles charging demand.

In addition to speeding up the construction of public charging facilities and charging complexes, Hefei will also simultaneously promote the construction of battery swap stations, and comprehensively establish the "charging + battery swap" complementary mode, further improve the charging battery swap network, boosting the city's new energy vehicle industry Development.

On February 25, Nio announced that the Nio EC6 mass production project was launched in Hefei, and a strategic cooperation framework agreement was signed with Hefei City.

The Nio China headquarters project plans to build the Nio China headquarters, R&D, and production bases in Hefei, and build a China headquarters operating system centered on Hefei.

The Hefei government will invest in the Nio China headquarters project through designated investment companies and joint market-oriented investors. The total investment is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan.