The J7, an L3 self-driving super heavy-duty truck led by Chinese truck maker FAW Jiefang, was launched on September 6, becoming a milestone product in FAW Jiefang's "Columbus Smart Logistics Open Program".

The J7 is equipped with seven cameras, five millimeter-wave radars and one lidar, and is equipped with the SuperPilot system.

It can achieve a number of functions including autonomous overtaking, automatic lane changing, adaptive cruise control, lane centering, blind spot monitoring, traffic jam assistance, predictive safety planning, obstacle avoidance and geo-fencing.

The vehicle also supports OTA remote upgrades, with the goal of achieving commercial operation of unmanned heavy trucks in the L4 class on highways by 2023.

In January 2019, FAW Jiefang officially launched the "Columbus Smart Logistics Open Program”.

Chinese truck maker FAW Jiefang launches self-driving heavy duty truck capable of L3 autopilot-CnEVPost

In August 2019, FAW Jiefang set up a joint venture with Zhi Jia Technology and others, and launched the new generation J7 truck a year later. One year later, the new generation of J7 self-driving super truck will be launched.

As the world's leading self-driving mass-produced vehicle, the J7 Super Duty is built on the most advanced vehicle platform in China and strictly follows the positive development process, with all hardware and software meeting the mass production standards.

The J7 Super Duty can also effectively alleviate fatigue from long-distance driving, ultimately reducing costs.