BYD's August vehicle sales totaled 36,782 units, up 2.15 percent year-on-year. Among them, 15,283 new-energy vehicles were sold, down 8.59 percent year-on-year, while 21,499 fuel vehicles were sold, up 11.45 percent year-on-year, according to data released by the company today.

From January to August, BYD sold 226,792 vehicles, down 23.14% year-on-year; among them, total sales of new energy vehicles were 91,060 vehicles, down 49.11% year-on-year; total sales of fuel vehicles were 135,732 vehicles, up 16.88% year-on-year.

The company's total installed capacity of power batteries and energy storage batteries for new energy vehicles in August 2020 was about 0.949GWh, and the total cumulative installed capacity for the year was about 5.813GWh.

BYD's new energy vehicles include the dynasty family and e-series, with the dynasty family including five models of Qin, Han, Tang, Song and Yuan, while the e-series has four models of e1, e2, e3 and s2.

It is worth mentioning that BYD sold a total of 31,382 vehicles in July, a slight increase from the same period last year, but the cumulative sales decline in the first seven months of the year is still as high as 53.29 percent.

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