NIO's first battery swap station in Xiamen, China's southeast coastal city, was put into operation on August 29, which is the Chinese EV maker’s 145th battery swap station in China.

With the battery swap station officially put into operation, it will provide NIO car owners in Xiamen with a new green way to travel with efficient energy replenishment.

Xiamen NIO battery swap station is located at the northwest gate of IFC Plaza, only 800 meters walking distance from the Baolong Shopping Mall.

The battery swap station covers an area of three parking spaces, and it takes only three minutes to complete a fully automatic power change for NIO new energy models.

During the changeover, the staff will check the vehicle's battery and the vehicle's electrical system to ensure that the vehicle and battery are always in the best condition.

It is worth mentioning that the service is now free for life, and the first NIO owners will be able to experience the high efficiency of the service.

So far, NIO has 145 battery swap stations in China to provide battery swap services, and NIO also plans to add 300 more battery swap stations in China next year.

On August 20, NIO also officially launched its BaaS (Battery as a Service) battery rental service. Consumers do not need to buy battery packs when purchasing a car, but rather choose to rent battery packs of different capacities according to their needs and pay a monthly service fee.

For those who choose the BaaS model to purchase a NIO, the price of the vehicle will be directly reduced by RMB 70,000.

The launch of NIO's BaaS battery rental service in China has generated high interest in China's auto and technology circles. In the Essence Securities analysts' view, this indicates the coming wave of the battery swap model for electric cars.

China's EV battery swap is mainly driven by NIO, BAIC, and a few other car companies. This year, policymakers began to frequently mention and encourage the development of battery swap mode.

The "battery swap model" has significant advantages, said Li Zhe and Cui Yifan, analysts at Essence Securities, adding the "battery swap mode" has entered a period of accelerated penetration.

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