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Chinese car-maker BYD recently launched its mobile charging service, which is similar to NIO's power replenishment car, and allows owners to get service by calling customer service when they need an emergency charge.

BYD says they can have the "mobile charging vehicle" reach the service location within 60 minutes of receiving the call.

After the customer is fully charged, the rescue service ends and the cost is billed to the owner by the service provider on the site.

On January 30, 2019, NIO announced that NIO Power will start offering the mobile power replenishment service for the first time from January 31.

According to NIO, it will give every EV owner the opportunity to avail NIO Power's convenient power replenishment service.

The NIO Power service will starts at 380 yuan per charge, and electric vehicle owners can book and fill out their information via WeChat.

The NIO Power service is not limited to electric vehicles.

NIO Power service is not limited to NIO, but can be used by all new energy vehicles using the Chinese standard interface. The Tesla charging port is European standard, so owners need to bring an adapter.

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