Chinese electric car company Xpeng Motors said today that 1,641 Xpeng P7s were delivered in July.

The number of deliveries broke a record for the first month of single-vehicle deliveries for an automotive startup in China, Xpeng said.

By the end of June, Xpeng had 128 sales outlets nationwide, covering 63 cities, it said.

The number of service outlets has reached 65, covering 52 cities.

Xpeng Supercharging Station has covered 62 cities and has more than 200,000 third-party charging stations.

Xpeng launched the Xpeng P7 at an online event on April 27, with its founder He Xiaopeng announcing the Xpeng P7's retail price after subsidy of 229,900 - 349,900 yuan.

The Xpeng P7 is positioned as an all-electric mid-size coupe, and is available in four range variants, with a total of eight specifications.

It is equipped with XPILOT 3.0 automatic driving assistance system and the new Xmart 3.0 system. The P7's NEDC combined range of up to 706km is long. The Xpeng P7 can accelerate to 100km within 4.3 seconds and has a braking distance of less than 35m from 100 km/h.

The Xpeng P7 comes in 5 colors, black, silver, grey, red, and white.

Before the P7's launch, Nio said on Weibo on April 24 that in order to welcome the Xpeng P7, the Nio supercharge network will support the upcoming EV.

Previously, Nio and Xpeng have established cooperation on sharing supercharge stations.

Both parties indicated that Xpeng will successively realize the interconnection of the distribution data and payment process of charging piles nationwide with Nio Power.

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