AutoX opens first big data center for unmanned vehicle operation in Shanghai-CnEVPost

Autonomous driving company AutoX operates a large data center "super data factory" in Shanghai.

Earlier, the Shanghai Jiading government announced the introduction of AutoX to jointly build China's first self-driving landing project of more than 100 units, including 100 autonomous taxis (RoboTaxi).

In this big data center, AutoX RoboTaxi is a terminal that collects massive real-world data. Each car generates 1TB of data per hour, and several PB of data will be generated within a few days.

The large-scale cloud platform for large-scale simulation will expand and enhance the real data in the order of x1000 times after mining high-value road mining data points, resulting in a larger number of higher-level and more difficult virtual and real mixed simulation data.

The center realizes from automatic calibration, detection and technical operation and maintenance, to big data mining and simulation of the AutoX cloud platform, to the hardware closed-loop of the stable production version, which combines real data and virtual data and can undertake large-scale automated driving data hematopoiesis.

Earlier, AutoX has obtained the first self-driving license since the release of Shanghai Autonomous Driving New Regulation 2.0, and has formed an unmanned fleet.