announced on March 16 that it has entered into cooperation with Motor, and its Mi Watch will launch a Nio App that can perform car control functions anytime, anywhere.

Nio owners only need to download and install the Nio App in the Mi Watch to turn the Mi Watch into a smart remote control on the wrist of the Nio car for viewing and operation.

With the rapid development of technology, traditional car keys may say goodbye. In addition to smart phones, smart watches will also become an important "key" for "driving".

With the Nio App, users can display vehicle nicknames on Mi Watch, quickly view vehicle information such as current driving status, current power, remaining battery life, and view various vehicle statuses, visually showing the opening and closing status of vehicle doors, windows, and trunk.

Even when the car's tire pressure is abnormal, it can promptly remind and prevent it before it happens.

Car owners can also remotely operate the doors, windows, and air conditioners, such as remotely locking, unlocking doors, opening and closing windows, and air conditioning.

It is worth mentioning that if the owner forgets the parking space or cannot find a car in the parking lot, Mi Watch also provides a remote car search function. By triggering continuous whistle and flashing lights, the user can help users based on sound and light. Find the vehicle.

All Nio models on sale can be matched with Mi Watch. In the future, more intelligent functions such as NFC will be supported.

According to the latest 2019 global wearable market report released by IDC, a well-known international data research organization, Xiaomi has become the world's second largest domestic wearable brand in 2019.

The cooperation between Xiaomi and Nio fully reflects the important role of current smart wearable devices in cross-border cooperation: As the most important part of wearable devices, smart watches are a key part of practicing the concept of full-service contact.