Elon Musk, the CEO of , hinted on Weibo that the Witcher game will become available on Tesla cars, in a move that may further enhance Tesla car's role as a moving entertainment center.

Mush said in a Weibo post both in English and Chinese:

Want to play The Witcher game on your Tesla? (you can already watch the show on Tesla Netflix theater)

In December, Tesla said that it will provide more video and gaming content to Chinese customers in 2020, and will provide online games on its vehicles for the first time.

Tesla showed off new entertainment features for its vehicles via an over-the-air upgrade on December 20, adding three new games -- Happy Landlord, Happy Mahjong, and Happy Upgrade, and video streaming sites Youku and Bilibili. This upgrade is expected to be officially launched to Chinese car owners in the first quarter.

Tesla said at the time that these games can only be started after the vehicle is parked.

Users can log in via WeChat or QQ account to play online with others, and the car version is synchronized with mobile application versions such as mobile phones. Users can continue to play games on mobile phones after ending the game in the car.

In addition to games, users can watch movies and videos through the Tesla Theater. In order to meet the needs of more Chinese consumers, this update Tesla introduced Youku and Bilibili online streaming media playback.

Tesla announced on Friday that Tesla's map data service provider will switch to Baidu Maps. At present, Tesla uses Tencent maps in China, and its bad experience has been frequently criticized by users.