Tesla announced on January 3 that the price of the Model 3 produced in China was reduced to as low as 299,000 yuan after subsidy. The move also caused complaints from some existing car owners, according to the Guancha.cn.

Some Model 3 owners recently came to the Tesla Store to protest. According to the report, a car owner said that Tesla has used the advantage of disparity with consumer information to conceal the true delivery time of the Chinese-made Model 3 in the past few months.

China-made Tesla Model 3 price cut sparks complaints from existing owners-CnEVPost

He believes that Tesla has induced consumers to buy 364,000 yuan of imported standard endurance models for reasons such as "the quality of Chinese-made parts is not as good as imported" and "imported models will rise in the Sino-US trade war" to achieve inventory clearance purpose.

Tesla China-made Model 3 first social car owner delivery ceremony was held this afternoon at Tesla's Shanghai Gigafactory. Tesla's founder Elon Musk attended the China-made Model 3 delivery ceremony.

The price of the upgraded version of the standard rang Model 3 has been cut from 355,800 yuan to 295,000 yuan, according to Tesla China.

In December, Tesla Model 3 was included in the new energy vehicle catalogue and subsidy catalogue exempted from vehicle purchase tax by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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