Lithium giant Tianqi to form JV with NIO's semi-solid-state battery supplier WeLion
The partnership will help accelerate the further commercialization of semi-solid-state batteries and solid-state batteries, WeLion said in a statement today.
NIO's semi-solid-state battery supplier WeLion signs deal for 30,000 tons of cathode material
WeLion has signed an agreement with Ronbay Technology to purchase no less than 30,000 tons of solid-state lithium battery cathode material products from the latter from 2022-2025.
NIO's semi-solid-state battery supplier WeLion reportedly sees valuation soar to about $2.36 billion
WeLion was out of favor with investors just over a year ago, but with NIO Day 2020 putting solid-state batteries in the spotlight, the company's funding environment has turned around.
NIO's semi-solid-state battery supplier WeLion secures investments from Xiaomi, Huawei
WeLion's registration information has been changed, with affiliates of Xiaomi and Huawei as new shareholders.
BREAKING: WeLion confirmed as NIO's semi-solid-state battery supplier
WeLion's founder said the company is working with NIO to launch a hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte battery based on the ET7 with a range of 1,000 kilometers on a single charge.
WeLion, NIO's rumored solid-state battery supplier, starts construction of 100 GWh project
The first phase of the project is designed to have an annual capacity of 20 GWh of hybrid solid-liquid electrolyte cells and all-solid-state batteries and will go into production this year, according to WeLion.
NIO's rumored solid-state battery supplier sees its project make Beijing's priority to-do list
NIO's rumored supplier WeLion sees its Phase I solid-state battery project join the Xiaomi factory and Tesla design center on Beijing's 2022 priority to-do list.
CATL says development of solid-state batteries still faces technical challenges
Solid-state battery technology is constrained by cost economics, performance indicators, and industry chain support, CATL said.
BREAKING: NIO's potential semi-solid-state battery supplier reportedly to get investment from Xiaomi, Huawei
NIO's 150-kWh semi-solid-state battery supplier is Beijing-based WeLion, and investments from Xiaomi and Huawei are due to bullishness about NIO's support for the company, local media said.
NIO's first sedan ET7's solid-state battery supplier is not CATL, report says
It is a mystery who the supplier of the solid-state battery for NIO's first sedan ET7 is.