Toyota bZ3

Toyota recalls 25,815 bZ3 EVs in China due to inaccurate remaining power estimate

Some vehicles' dashboards may show a higher remaining battery charge than actual, and in extreme cases, the vehicle can lose power before the charging warning light comes on.

Toyota's electric sedan bZ3 with BYD battery and motor officially launched in China

FAW Toyota began pre-sales of the bZ3 on March 6, with orders reaching 5,000 units as of April 16.

Toyota bZ3 with BYD battery and motor starts accepting pre-orders in China with prices starting at $24,500

The Toyota bZ3 is priced lower than the BYD Han EV in China, but higher than the BYD Destroyer 05.

Toyota unveils electric sedan bZ3 with BYD battery and motor in China

The sedan was jointly developed by Toyota, BYD and FAW Toyota, with the motor and battery coming from BYD.

Toyota to launch model with BYD motors and battery in China, regulatory filing shows

Toyota will launch an electric sedan called the bZ3 in China in which the battery and the motor are supplied by BYD.