Concept Car

BYD to debut new concept Ocean-M at Beijing auto show

The Ocean-M will be based on a new all-electric platform and is the industry's first rear-wheel drive all-electric performance hatchback, according to BYD.

BYD Fang Cheng Bao unveils new model Bao 8 and 2 concept cars

BYD's Fang Cheng Bao unveiled the Bao 8 as well as two concept cars, the Super 3 SUV and Super 9 supercar, at its spring launch event today, which will all be on display at the upcoming Beijing auto show.

BYD Yangwang concept car showcases ability to provide extra safety backups

The concept car has no conventional steering, nor conventional brakes, but is capable of driving normally. The technology will provide an extra safety backup on top of the traditional braking and steering devices.

Chery unveils concept car claimed to have world's lowest wind resistance

Chery said its new concept car achieves the world's lowest wind resistance of 0.168 Cd with the help of its bionic design with the inspiration of tuna fish.

Zeekr unveils Zeekr M-Vision concept car, targets 2024 mass production

Zeekr and Waymo's customized model based on the Zeekr M-Vision collaboration was officially unveiled today in Los Angeles.

Polestar's O2 electric roadster concept to go into production under Polestar 6 name

The Polestar 6 is expected to go on sale in 2026, with reservations in China to open shortly.

Jidu unveils ROBO-01, a robot car concept with futuristic design

Jidu unveiled the ROBO-01 in Baidu's metauniverse platform XiRang, featuring ultra-high specs and a futuristic design.

Lynk & Co unveils Lynk E-Motive hybrid technology and The Next Day concept car

Lynk & Co plans to launch four hybrid models this year and three more within two years.

Jidu teases interior design of its robot car concept

The Jidu ROBO-01 concept car will have a uniquely shaped steering wheel, an ultra-wide display, and a very high-tech cockpit, the latest set of posters shows.

SAIC to debut concept car 'Kun' at Expo Dubai

These teaser images show that the concept car has a very short front and rear end, with the middle cockpit taking up most of the space.