Jaguar Land Rover to make new Freelander-branded EVs using Chery's platform

The new Freelander-branded models will initially be sold in China through a select network and will be exported to overseas markets in the future.

Jaguar Land Rover to make EVs using Chery's platform, report says

Jaguar Land Rover will become the first luxury automaker to adopt Chery's platform, with the partnership close to being finalized, according to local media.

Huawei-Chery joint brand Luxeed re-launches 1st model S7 with lower prices for most trims

Huawei said the Luxeed S7 has begun volume deliveries. The model was initially launched in November 2023 and has since been the subject of complaints over slow deliveries.

Huawei-Chery joint brand Luxeed to re-launch 1st model S7 on Apr 8, report says

The re-launched Luxeed S7 will bring new features and will be able to deliver soon after launch, with monthly sales expected to be at around 5,000 units, according to local media.

Chery's new iCAR brand launches 1st EV model iCAR 03, prices start at $15,260

The iCAR 03 has a boxy look, and Chery said it's a car for young people.

Production issues with Huawei computing unit hit some Chinese automakers, report says

The computing unit, called the MDC 810, powers advanced driver assistance systems, according to Reuters.

Huawei-Chery joint brand Luxeed faces delivery challenges with production of just dozens per day

Luxeed is currently promising wait times of 10-12 weeks, which is long enough to change consumer buying decisions.

Nio confirms battery swap tie-ups with JAC, Chery

Nio said it and JAC, Chery will carry out deep strategic cooperation in battery standards, battery swap technology, battery swap service network construction and operation.

Nio signs battery swap tie-up agreements with JAC and Chery, report says

Nio has also signed strategic cooperation agreements with two state-owned groups in Anhui province for energy storage, charging, and battery swap system construction.

Chery cuts prices of NEV models to embrace potentially more brutal 2024

Chery New Energy has slashed the official guide prices of its cheaper Little Ant and QQ Ice Cream models by 7.7 percent to 16.7 percent.