has rolled out a new variant with scissor doors for the single-motor P7i 702 Max, starting at RMB 289,900, or RMB 249,900 after discount.

(Image credit: Xpeng)

Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) has launched a new variant of its flagship sedan, the P7i, with scissor doors and a limited-time offer.

The Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker today rolled out the Xpeng P7i 702 Max Wing Edition with a starting price of RMB 289,900 ($40,230).

Customers who order the model before March 31 will receive a discount of RMB 40,000 ($5,550), which brings the starting price of the new variant down to RMB 249,900.

Xpeng uses a combination of numbers and letters in its model naming, where the numbers represent the model's CLTC range and the letters stand for autonomous driving capabilities.

Its models are available in Pro as well as Max variants, while Xpeng's signature XNGP (Xpeng navigation guided pilot) feature is available only for the Max models.

Of the various versions of the P7i, the scissor doors were previously only available on the 610 Wing Edition, which starts at RMB 339,900.

Xpeng began offering a RMB 50,000 discount on the P7i 610 Wing Edition on January 23, and these discounts are still available, bringing the starting price of the variant down to RMB 289,900.

The regular P7i 702 Max starts at RMB 269,900, with a discounted starting price of RMB 244,900.

The P7i 702 Max Wing Edition is a single-motor rear-wheel drive model with a peak motor power of 203 kW and peak torque of 440 Nm, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.4 seconds.

The P7i 610 Wing Edition is a dual-motor model with a peak motor power of 348 kW and peak torque of 757 Nm, allowing the vehicle to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 seconds.

The Xpeng P7i is available in only two two-motor four-wheel drive versions, the other being the 610 Max Performance.

Xpeng launched the P7i in China on March 10, 2023, which is an upgraded version of the P7 sedan.

Prices for the P7i currently start at RMB 223,900 for the lowest variant, reduced to RMB 203,900 after a limited time offer.

Xpeng delivered 4,545 vehicles in February, a decrease of 24.38 percent year-on-year and down 44.91 percent from January, mainly due to the Chinese New Year holiday and the impact of one of its plant upgrades.

The P7 series delivered 836 vehicles in February, contributing 18.39 percent of Xpeng's monthly deliveries, according to data compiled by CnEVPost.

($1 = RMB 7.2059)

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