IM Motors has shared two videos showing the L6 being able to maneuver in tight spaces with the help of the smart chassis.

(Image credit: IM Motors)

IM Motors, the electric vehicle (EV) unit of SAIC Motor Corp, will debut the VMC (Vehicle Motion Control) smart digital chassis on its new model, the IM L6, allowing the electric sedan to support features including "crab walk".

The technology will first be used on the IM L6, which will go on sale in May, making the sedan the first smart electric vehicle to have its motion coordinated by an intelligent simulation "brain," IM Motors said in a statement today.

The IM L6 will gain capabilities including "crab walk" for more agile and safer body control, the EV maker said.

IM Motors shared a video on Weibo showing the L6's ability to maneuver in tight spaces with the help of the chassis.

The first-generation VMC smart digital chassis technology on the IM L6 integrates and controls chassis hardware such as rear-wheel steering, intelligent electronically controlled shock absorbers, air suspension, and electric drive, allowing the vehicle to move in three directions, it said.

With the help of VMC chassis, IM Motors will create a higher-leve intelligent driving experience to help users cope with complex scenarios, the company said.

IM Motors was founded on November 26, 2020, by SAIC, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech and Alibaba, with SAIC holding a majority stake.

In June 2022 IM Motors began deliveries of its first model, the IM L7, the mid-to-large-size pure electric sedan that is a ET7 rival.

IM Motors' other two models, the IM LS6 and IM LS7, are SUVs.

In February, the IM L6 made its debut at the Geneva auto show as IM Motors' fourth model.

The car will be unveiled in China at the 2024 Beijing auto show, which opens in April, and will officially go on sale in China in May, according to information previously announced by the company.

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