Deliveries of 2024 ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6 and ET5 Touring models began on March 8 in several cities in China.

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Nio (NYSE: NIO) began deliveries of its 2024 model year vehicles, after starting to take customer orders late last month.

Deliveries of the 2024 ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6, and ET5 Touring began in several cities in China on March 8, the electric vehicle (EV) maker said in a post published yesterday on its mobile app.

Show cars of these updated models have been gradually arriving at Nio stores, while a limited number of 2023 models are still available and have short-term purchase privileges, Nio said.

Nio announced on January 17 it would begin deliveries of 2024 models in March and began to offer discounts on 2023 models.

Nio has eight 2023 models -- ES8, ES7, ES6, EC7, EC6, ET7, ET5, ET5 Touring -- of which the first five are SUVs and the last three are sedans. Deliveries of the ET9, unveiled last December, are set to begin in the first quarter of 2025.

On February 22, the company began accepting customer orders for seven models, the 2024 ES8, ES7, EC7, ES6, EC6, ET5, and ET5 Touring, at the same prices.

The 2024 ET7 will be launched and begin taking orders in April, Nio said at the time.

Deliveries of the new ES8, EC7, ES6, EC6, and ET5 Touring will begin in March, the ET5 in April, and the ES7 in May, according to a timeline announced by Nio on February 22.

The 2024 Nio models feature a new central computing platform, ADAM, powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon's fourth-generation cockpit chip, the SA8295P.

That 8295 chip offers about a 2x increase in CPU computing power, a 3x increase in GPU computing power, and an 8x increase in AI computing power compared to its predecessor, the 8155 chip, Nio said in yesterday's post.

The first cities to see deliveries of the 2024 Nio models include Beijing and Suzhou, Nio said, adding that deliveries in more cities will start gradually.

Nio guided for vehicle deliveries in the first quarter to be between 31,000 and 33,000 vehicles when it announced its fourth-quarter 2023 financial results on March 5.

Considering it delivered 10,055 vehicles in January and 8,132 in February, the guidance means it expects to deliver between 12,813 and 14,813 vehicles in March.

Below are the prices of the Nio models as shown by the Nio App, with some models seeing a small increase in CLTC range compared to the 2023 models.

In addition, the previous ES7 Premiere Edition and EC7 Premiere Edition names have become ES7 Signature Edition and EC7 Signature Edition respectively.

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Nio model prices on March 9, 2024

ModelTypeBatteryCLTC Range (km)Full Price (RMB)Price on BaaSBaaS Battery Monthly Fee
ET5Sedan75-kWh560298,000 228,000 980
ET5Sedan100-kWh710356,000 228,000 1,680
ET5 TouringSedan75-kWh530298,000 228,000 980
ET5 TouringSedan100-kWh680356,000 228,000 1,680
ES6SUV75-kWh500338,000 268,000 980
ES6SUV100-kWh625396,000 268,000 1,680
EC6SUV75-kWh505358,000 288,000 980
EC6SUV100-kWh630416,000 288,000 1,680
ET7Sedan75-kWh530428,000 358,000 980
ET7Sedan100-kWh675486,000 358,000 1,680
ET7 Signature EditionSedan100-kWh675506,000 378,000 1,680
ES7SUV75-kWh485438,000 368,000 980
ES7SUV100-kWh620496,000 368,000 1,680
ES7 Signature EditionSUV100-kWh620518,000 390,000 1,680
EC7SUV75-kWh490458,000 388,000 980
EC7SUV100-kWh635516,000 388,000 1,680
EC7 Signature EditionSUV100-kWh635548,000 420,000 1,680
ES8SUV75-kWh465498,000 428,000 980
ES8SUV100-kWh605556,000 428,000 1,680
ES8 Executive EditionSUV75-kWh465518,000 448,000 980
ES8 Executive EditionSUV100-kWh605576,000 448,000 1,680
ES8 Signature EditionSUV100-kWh565598,000 470,000 1,680