established dealer partnerships in the UAE, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Lebanon, with plans to expand to other European markets including Germany, the UK, Italy and France this year.

(Pictured are Gu Hongdi, vice chairman and co-president of Xpeng, and H.E. Ali bin Khalfan Al Mutawa Al Dhaheri, founder and chairman of Ali&Sons. Image credit: Xpeng)

Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) announced dealer partnerships in five additional countries, further expanding its international presence after Europe and Israel.

Xpeng has established dealer partnerships in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Jordan and Lebanon that will bring its electric vehicles (EVs) to local consumers in each region through branded showrooms and customer support, the company announced today.

The Chinese EV maker's partners in the five countries are:

UAE, Ali&Sons

Egypt, RAYA

Azerbaijan, SR Group

Jordan, T Gargour and Fils

Lebanon, Gargour Asia SAL

Xpeng will start deliveries of the P7 sedan and G9 SUV in Jordan and Lebanon in the second quarter and in Egypt in the third quarter. Deliveries of the two models in Israel and Azerbaijan had began at the end of 2023.

The company will offer the G6 SUV and G9 in the UAE from the third quarter, with no date mentioned for the start of deliveries.

The UAE is Xpeng's first market in the Gulf region, Azerbaijan is Xpeng's first market in Central Asia and Egypt is Xpeng's first market in Africa.

Expansion into additional European markets including Germany, the UK, Italy, and France is also set in parallel for this year, the company said.

"The new markets we are announcing today are recognised globally as the nucleus for EV growth, which makes this the natural and forward-thinking next step in our expansion into the EMEA market," said Alex Tang, general manager of international marketing for Xpeng.

"At Xpeng, our ambition is to become a leading player in the smart EV sector," Tang added.

Xpeng placed a lot of emphasis on the European market two years ago and has made a series of moves there, including opening the company's first experience store in an international market in Sweden.

However, in the second half of 2022, the company paused its efforts in overseas markets. In February 2023, Xpeng relaunched its efforts overseas with the launch of the G9 as well as the new P7 in Europe.

Last July, Xpeng announced a partnership with an Israeli dealer and sent its first vehicles to Israel in September.

On February 18 -- the first working day after China's 2024 Lunar New Year holiday -- He Xiaopeng, Xpeng's chairman and CEO, emphasized the company's focus on the international market in an internal letter, stating that 2024 would be the first year of V2.0 for Xpeng's internationalization efforts.

On February 19, local media outlet Jiemian reported that Wang Fengying, who began serving as Xpeng's president a year ago, has taken over Xpeng's international business center to fully lead the company's overseas sales.

Xpeng president Wang Fengying has taken over overseas business, report says