Earlier this week local media reported that will launch a sedan codenamed F57 later this year, which will be a notch above the company's current flagship sedan, the P7 series.

(A spy shot of what is allegedly Xpeng's model codenamed F57 shared by the auto blogger @小志说车.)

Following local media reports earlier this week about Xpeng's (NYSE: XPEV) new sedan, codenamed F57, a supplier press release has revealed when production is expected to begin.

BorgWarner has begun production of eMotor rotor and stator for Xpeng, the Michigan-based US auto parts giant said in a press release today.

The product will be used in the X9 MPV and Xpeng's next electric B-class sedan, with start of production planned for the third quarter of 2024, BorgWarner said.

BorgWarner's press release doesn't say much more about Xpeng's next sedan, but hints that the model will be based on the 800 V high-voltage platform.

Xpeng's current sedans on sale -- the P5 as well as the P7 series -- are based on the 400 V platform. Its newer G9, G6, and X9 are all built on the 800 V platform.

The high voltage hairpin (HVH) 220 eMotor delivers high power and torque density and offers increased efficiency at a competitive cost, BorgWarner said, adding that it also offers excellent durability.

(BorgWarner's HVH 220. Image credit: BorgWarner)

The HVH220 eMotor has an operating range of up to 800 V and features a 220 mm outer diameter stator and BorgWarner's patented high-voltage hairpin winding technology, according to the release.

It utilizes a permanent magnet rotor and proprietary stator insulation enhancement technologies to provide superior durability and reliability, the parts supplier said.

The HVH220 produces up to 300 kW of power with a maximum working speed of 18,000 rpm and peak efficiency of more than 97 percent.

BorgWarner has developed oil-cooled solutions to meet the performance demands of higher-powered motors. Specifically, the gearbox oil cools the motor, improving heat transfer and total heat rejection of the system, it said.

Direct rotor oil cooling also extracts heat from the motor core, resulting in higher torque and power density, according to BorgWarner.

"We are excited to supply this leading OEM with our proven stator and rotor, boosting the development of China's electric vehicle industry," said Stefan Demmerle, president and general manager of BorgWarner PowerDrive Systems.

BorgWarner's press release comes as spy shots and rumors of Xpeng's next-generation electric sedan begin to appear on Chinese social media.

Xpeng will launch a sedan, codenamed F57, later this year, and it will be a notch above the company's current flagship sedan, the P7 series, local media outlet HiEV said in a February 6 report.

The F57's smart driving system will remove LiDAR in favor of a vision-only solution and use 3D millimeter-wave radars, the report said, citing several people familiar with the matter.

Xpeng's initial three models -- the G3, P7, and P5 -- have slipped in competitiveness, while the new G6, G9, and X9 models are on a sales climb, and the company needs to move faster in the sedan market, the report noted.

Xpeng to launch new sedan codenamed F57 in H2, set to ditch LiDAR, report says