During the January 1-21 period, was at 18,700, at 6,600, at 4,600, at 22,400 and at 125,100 units.

Insurance registrations in China by major electric vehicle (EV) makers rebounded last week, although they remain low due to seasonal factors.

For the week of January 15-21, Li Auto (NASDAQ: LI) saw weekly sales of 7,600 units, returning to the top spot for sales of new car-making brands, the company said today.

As before, Li Auto didn't explain the basis for calculating the weekly sales, but apparently, they were insurance registrations. The company suspended sharing this data in May 2023, but has since resumed sharing it.

Li Auto's insurance registrations last week were up 11.76 percent from the previous week's 6,800 units, surpassing -backed Aito's 7,300 units.

For the week of January 8-14, Li Auto was at 6,800, slightly below Aito. The number Li Auto shared for Aito in the week of January 8-14 was also 6,800, but not down to single digits.

From January 1-21, Li Auto had 18,700 insured registrations.

Li Auto delivered a record 50,353 vehicles in December, marking the first time monthly deliveries exceeded the 50,000-unit mark.

Nio (NYSE: NIO) had 1,900 insurance registrations in China last week, up 11.76 percent from 1,700 the week before.

During January 1-21, Nio had the figure at 6,600 units.

Nio delivered 18,012 vehicles in December, the third-highest on record behind July's 20,462 and August's 19,329, according to figures it announced on January 1.

Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) was 1,800 last week, up 28.57 percent from 1,400 the week before.

For January 1-21, Xpeng had that figure at 4,600 units.

Xpeng delivered 20,115 vehicles in December, its third consecutive month above the 20,000-unit mark, according to figures it released on January 1.

Xpeng announced on January 16 that it began volume deliveries of its X9 MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) in China.

Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) vehicles registered 11,700 insurance registrations in China last week, up 58.11 percent from 7,400 the week before.

For January 1-21, Tesla had that number at 22,400 vehicles.

Tesla sold 94,139 China-made vehicles in December, including 75,805 delivered in China and 18,334 exported from its Shanghai plant, according to the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

BYD (OTCMKTS: BYDDF) had 40,400 insurance registrations in China last week, up 0.25 percent from 40,300 in the previous week.

For the January 1-21 period, BYD had that figure at 125,100 units.

BYD sold 341,043 NEVs in December, including 340,178 passenger NEVs, and 865 commercial NEVs, according to figures it announced on January 1.

BYD's premium brand Denza stood at 2,000 units last week, up 33.33 percent from 1,500 units in the previous week.

Denza sold 11,929 units in December, including 10,492 D9 MPVs, 1,035 N7 SUVs, and 402 N8 SUVs.

For the January 1-21 period, Denza was at 5,100 units.

was at 2,800 units last week, up 27.27 percent from 2,200 units the week before.

For the January 1-21 period, Zeekr was 7,500 units.

Leapmotor was at 2,700 units last week, up 3.85 percent from 2,600 units the previous week.

For the January 1-21 period, Leapmotor was 8,100 units.

Leapmotor delivered 18,618 vehicles in December, a new all-time record, according to its January 1 release.

was at 1,500 vehicles last week, up 15.38 percent from 1,300 in the previous week.

Neta delivered 5,135 vehicles in December, down 34.12 percent year-on-year and down 58.94 percent from November.

Data table: China EV weekly insurance registrations