SAIC sold about 1.21 million vehicles overseas in 2023, and the target implies a 12 percent growth.

SAIC Motor Corp is targeting to see overseas sales of 1.35 million vehicles in 2024, local media outlet The Paper quoted Zhao Aimin, vice president of SAIC Motor International, as saying in a report today.

SAIC is targeting overseas sales of 1.5 million units in 2025, he said, adding that the company is capable of challenging higher targets.

Over the next two years, SAIC will launch 14 new energy vehicle (NEV) models in the global market, and the company's NEVs are currently globalized, Zhao said.

In addition, SAIC's premium brands including IM Motors and Rising Auto will also go global, but may be presented differently in terms of branding, he said.

SAIC sold 636,966 vehicles in December, of which 141,327 were exported and sold from overseas bases, contributing 22 percent of monthly sales, according to information it announced earlier this month.

For the full year 2023, SAIC sold 5,020,865 vehicles, a decrease of 5.31 percent from 2022.

It exported and sold 1,208,242 vehicles from its overseas bases in 2023, up 18.75 percent from 2022.

To reach its 2024 overseas target would mean SAIC's sales overseas would grow by about 12 percent this year.

Currently, SAIC has three R&D centers overseas -- Silicon Valley, London, and Tel Aviv -- and four vehicle manufacturing bases in Thailand, Indonesia, India, and Pakistan.

By 2026, SAIC will add a total of 12 car carriers, which will add capacity for more than 500,000 vehicles a year, it said previously.

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