The Yangwang U7 is powered by four motors, each with a peak power of 240 kW.

The core specs of Yangwang's first sedan, the U7, have been revealed in a regulatory filing following previews of the model last week by the (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) premium brand.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) today released its latest catalog of models that will be allowed to be sold for public comment, and the Yangwang U7 is included.

The public can submit their feedback between January 16 and January 22. Entry into the catalog is the last major regulatory process by which a model can be allowed to be sold in China.

There are two filing pages for the Yangwang U7, corresponding to product models QCJ7000BTBEV1 and QCJ7000BTBEV2, both battery electric vehicles (BEVs). They are identical in core specifications and differ in wheel hubs.

The Yangwang U7's production address is Pingshan New District in Shenzhen, where BYD is headquartered, according to the filing information.

The model measures 5,265 mm in length, 1,998 mm in width and 1,517 mm in height, and has a wheelbase of 3,160 mm.

The vehicle weighs 3,095 kilograms and supports a top speed of 270 kilometers per hour.

The Yangwang U7 is powered by four permanent magnet synchronous motors, each with a peak power of 240 kW.

Its battery is lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery, produced by BYD's battery division FinDreams, and is expected to be BYD's signature blade battery.

The Yangwang U7 comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, power spoiler, roof LiDAR, and supports options for equipment including digital rear mirrors.

The filing page provides no other information.

BYD unveiled the Yangwang brand in January 2023, along with the e⁴ technology platform, saying that all future models of the premium brand will be built on the platform.

The Yangwang U8 off-road SUV, Yangwang's first production vehicle, went on sale on September 20, 2023, with deliveries beginning on November 24.

Yangwang unexpectedly revealed the U7 on January 10, saying the model would be a new energy flagship sedan in the RMB 1 million ($140,000) class.

The Yangwang U7 will have more than 1,000 horsepower and will push the limits of sedan performance, Yangwang said last week.

The model will be equipped with e⁴ technology to provide precise control and high safety, Yangwang said.

In addition to the U7, a new version of the Yangwang U8 has also made it into the MIIT's filing catalog.

Yangwang began pre-sales of the U8 on the first day of the Shanghai auto show on April 18, 2023, saying at the time that the car would be offered in two versions -- the Premium Edition and the Off-road Master Edition.

They differ in that the former is more richly equipped, while the latter has more room for modifications.

Only the Premium Edition went on sale on September 20; the Off-road Master Edition is currently unavailable.

It's not clear if the latest Yangwang U8 to enter the filing catalog is the Off-road Master Edition, but its page shows that the model supports options for roof drone pods, electric tow hooks, and side tool platforms.

The new U8 has three versions of weight: 3,490, 3,554 and 3,708 kilograms and supports a top speed of 190 kilometers per hour.

($1 = RMB 7.1747)

BYD Yangwang reveals 1st sedan U7, to be priced around RMB 1 million