As of today, XNGP's smart driving capabilities cover 90 percent of the cities where owners of Max version vehicles are located.

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Xpeng (NYSE: XPEV) has expanded coverage of its XNGP (Navigation Guided Pilot) assisted driving feature to more than 200 cities, after announcing the completion of coverage in 52 cities just four days ago.

XNGP adds 191 new cities to its coverage starting today, bringing the total to 243 cities, the Chinese electric vehicle (EV) maker announced in a statement today.

XNGP is Xpeng's Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS), similar to 's (NASDAQ: TSLA) FSD (Full Self-Driving).

Xpeng's goal is for XNGP to provide driver assistance in all scenarios, including highways, city roads, internal campus roads, and parking lots.

The feature was initially available only on highways, then known as Highway NGP. Xpeng then gradually expanded its coverage to urban areas, also known as City NGP, with the first five cities covered being Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan, Shanghai, and Beijing.

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On November 28, Xpeng releasedĀ  Xmart OS 4.4.0 to eligible vehicles, bringing the HD map-independent XNGP feature to an additional 20 cities.

On December 29, Xpeng announced the expansion of XNGP coverage to 52 cities following the completion of beta testing in an additional 27 cities.

Eligible vehicles will need to upgrade their system version to Xmart OS 4.5.0 to experience the XNGP feature in these 243 cities.

The X9 MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle), which was just launched yesterday, will be delivered with the latest XNGP features and city coverage, Xpeng said.

By utilizing navigation maps, XNet sensing capabilities, and driving strategies, XNGP performs in areas without HD maps close to areas with HD map coverage, the company said.

During driving, XNGP's overall perception coverage can be up to the size of 1.8 standard soccer fields, according to the company.

To date, XNGP's urban high-level smart driving capabilities have covered 90 percent of the Max version Xpeng vehicle owners' city, the company said.

For Max version Xpeng owners, the XNGP has reached 569,000 available kilometers, according to the company.

Currently, Xpeng's vehicles are divided mainly into Pro and Max trims, with the Pro version not having LiDAR and only having access to features including Highway NGP and assisted parking.

The Max version vehicles are equipped with 2 LiDARs and additionally has City NGP function, which can realize pilot assisted driving in urban areas.

From a technical perspective, XNGP is already capable of supporting urban smart driving nationwide, Xpeng said, adding that it will make the feature available in different cities in batches after engineering tests have completed validation.

To date, XNGP has completed more than 3 million kilometers of road verification, including highway kilometers, according to the company.

The feature's simulated driving mileage has reached 145 million kilometers, with more than 16,000 core simulation scenarios and more than 40,000 specialized simulation scenarios, Xpeng said.

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