The Exeed Sterra ES is set to intensify competition in China's electric sedan sector and could also put , which is about to launch its first model, under more pressure.

(Image credit: Exeed)

Chery's premium car brand Exeed has launched its first electric sedan, which is set to intensify competition in China's electric sedan field and could also put pressure on Xiaomi, which is about to launch its first model.

Exeed made the Sterra ES official at a launch event yesterday, offering both versions based on the regular 400 V platform and variants based on the higher voltage 800 V platform.

With a starting price as low as RMB 225,800 ($31,640), the Sterra ES is capable of delivering a CLTC range of 550 kilometers in the entry version, while a more expensive version has a CLTC range of up to 905 kilometers.

Specifically, the car is offered in five versions, including four single-motor versions and one dual-motor version. Its two least expensive versions are based on the 400 V platform, while the other three are based on the 800 V platform.

The starting prices for these five versions are RMB 225,800, RMB 235,800, RMB 269,800, RMB 299,800, and RMB 339,800 respectively.

Exeed Sterra ES Core Specs

Platform VoltageVersionPrice (RMB)Battery Capacity (kWh)CLTC Range (km)
400 VAir225,800 60.7550
400 VPlus235,800 66.4605
800 VMax269,800 79.9720
800 VMax+299,800 97.7905
800 VUltra339,800 79.9650

The Sterra ES is an all-electric mid-to-large-sized sedan with a length, width and height of 4,945 mm, 1,978 mm and 1,467 mm respectively, and a wheelbase of 3,000 mm.

Its single-motor version uses two different electric motors with a maximum power of 185 kW and 230 kW, while its dual-motor version has front and rear motors with a maximum power of 123 kW and 230 kW, respectively, and can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds.

The car is available in five range variants with CLTC ranges of 550 km, 605 km, 650 km, 720 km and 905 km.

Exeed claimed that the Sterra ES has an electric consumption as low as 11.7 kWh per 100 km in CLTC conditions.

The model has a range of 150 km on a five-minute charge and can charge from 30 percent to 80 percent in 15 minutes.

The Sterra ES comes standard with air suspension, which was only found on very high-end models in the era of traditional fuel cars, but is being used on more and more mainstream EVs.

Customers who pay RMB 5,000 to order the model now will receive RMB 50,000 worth of benefits.

Exeed is strengthening its network coverage, aiming for more than 460 stores in China by 2024.

The Sterra ES is similar in appearance and size to the Luxeed S7, the first model under the Luxeed brand jointly created by and Chery, and will be Chery's latest card to play in the competitive Chinese EV market.

The Luxeed S7 was officially launched on November 28 at a higher starting price of RMB 249,800 yuan. It measures 4,971 mm in length, 1,963 mm in width and 1,474 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,950 mm.

The launch of the Sterra ES could put even more pressure on Xiaomi, whose first model, the SU7, has already completed the major regulatory processes ahead of its launch in China, but a launch date has yet to be set.

($1 = RMB 7.1363)

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