As of now, the wait times in China for all versions of the Model 3 and Model Y are 2-6 weeks.

(Image credit: CnEVPost)

Wait times for Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) Model 3 sedan and Model Y crossover have been shortened in China, the first time that information has changed since November.

The Model 3 Long Range now has an expected delivery date of 2-6 weeks in China, down from 6-9 weeks previously, according to information on Tesla's China website monitored by CnEVPost.

The latest wait time for the Model Y Long Range in China also changed today to 2-6 weeks, down from 6-8 weeks previously.

Wait times for other versions of the two models remain unchanged at 2-6 weeks, with the latest change putting all versions of the Model 3 and Model Y at 2-6 weeks.

Tesla has a factory in Shanghai that produces the Model 3 and Model Y. The factory's current annual capacity of more than 950,000 vehicles is its largest in the world, according to the company's third-quarter financial report released in October.

The Model 3 is offered in two versions in China -- an entry-level rear-wheel drive version and a longer-range version with dual-motor all-wheel drive -- with current starting prices of RMB 261,400 ($36,440) and RMB 297,400, respectively.

The Model Y is offered in three versions in China -- the basic rear-wheel drive version, the dual-motor, all-wheel drive Model Y Long Range, and the dual-motor, all-wheel drive Model Y Performance, with starting prices of RMB 266,400, RMB 306,400, and RMB 363,900, respectively.

The last time wait times for Tesla models in China changed was on October 31, when the wait time for the entry-level Model 3 was changed to 2-6 weeks from the previous 6-9 weeks.

The latest wait times mean that Chinese customers who order Model 3 and Model Y now won't get deliveries until the end of the year or early next year.

A poster circulated by some Tesla salespeople in WeChat on December 8 showed that the standard-range version of the Model Y was sold out in China.

The poster didn't explain in detail, but it was supposedly referring to that the Model Y's standard range version sold out of capacity in China for this year.

Tesla sold 82,432 China-made vehicles in November, including 65,504 sold in China and 16,928 exported, according to data released earlier this month by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

(Vehicle information displayed on Tesla's China website on December 14, 2023.)

Tesla model wait time changes in China

20240124Model SQ1 2024LongerQ2 2024
20240124Model S PlaidQ1 2024LongerQ2 2024
20240124Model XQ1 2024LongerQ2 2024
20240124Model X PlaidQ1 2024LongerQ2 2024
20231214Model 3 Long Range6-9 weeksShorter2-6 weeks
20231214Model Y Long Range6-8 weeksShorter2-6 weeks
20231031Model 36-9 weeksShorter2-6 weeks
20231026Model SNANAQ1 2024
20231026Model S PlaidNANAQ1 2024
20231026Model XNANAQ1 2024
20231026Model X PlaidNANAQ1 2024
20231019New Model 3NANA2-6 weeks
20231019New Model 3 Long RangeNANA6-9 weeks
20230904Model Y Long Range2-6 weeksLonger6-8 weeks
20230630Model Y2-5 weeksLonger2-6 weeks
20230630Model Y Long Range2-5 weeksLonger2-6 weeks
20230630Model Y Performance1-4 weeksLonger2-6 weeks
20230109Model Y1-4 weeksLonger2-5 weeks
20230109Model Y Long Range1-4 weeksLonger2-5 weeks
20221226Model 3Dec-22NA1-4 weeks
20221226Model 3 PerformanceDec-22NA1-4 weeks
20221226Model YDec-22NA1-4 weeks
20221226Model Y Long RangeDec-22NA1-4 weeks
20221226Model Y PerformanceDec-22NA1-4 weeks
20221202Model 31-5 weeksNADec-22
20221202Model 3 Performance1-5 weeksNADec-22
20221202Model Y1-5 weeksNADec-22
20221202Model Y Long Range1-5 weeksNADec-22
20221202Model Y Performance1-5 weeksNADec-22
20221115Model 31-4 weeksShorter1-5 weeks
20221115Model 3 Performance4-8 weeksShorter1-5 weeks
20221115Model Y4-8 weeksShorter1-5 weeks
20221115Model Y Long Range4-8 weeksShorter1-5 weeks
20221115Model Y Performance4-8 weeksShorter1-5 weeks
20221001Model 31-8 weeksLonger4-8 weeks
20221001Model 3 Performance1-10 weeksLonger4-8 weeks
20221001Model Y Long Range1-10 weeksLonger4-8 weeks
20221001Model Y Performance1-10 weeksLonger4-8 weeks
20220916Model 36-10 weeksShorter1-8 weeks
20220916Model 3 Performance6-10 weeksShorter1-10 weeks
20220916Model Y Long Range10-14 weeksShorter1-10 weeks
20220916Model Y Performance6-10 weeksShorter1-10 weeks
20220907Model 312-16 weeksShorter6-10 weeks
20220907Model 3 Performance12-16 weeksShorter6-10 weeks
20220907Model Y Long Range16-20 weeksShorter10-14 weeks
20220907Model Y Performance12-16 weeksShorter6-10 weeks
20220831Model Y4-8 weeksShorter1-4 weeks
20220818Model 314-18 weeksShorter12-16 weeks
20220818Model 3 Performance16-20 weeksShorter12-16 weeks
20220818Model Y8-12 weeksShorter4-8 weeks
20220818Model Y Long Rang20-24 weeksShorter16-20 weeks
20220818Model Y Performance16-20 weeksShorter12-16 weeks
20220810Model 316-20 weeksShorter14-18 weeks
20220808Model 3 Performance12-16 weeksLonger16-20 weeks
20220808Model Y10-14 weeksShorter8-12 weeks
20220808Model Y Performance12-16 weeksLonger16-20 weeks

($1 = RMB 7.1730)