's Ocean range of SUVs will be integrated into the Sea Lion array and sedan models into the Seal array.

(Image credit: BYD)

BYD (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) has added the Sea Lion lineup to its model array and gave the first model in the lineup its debut.

At the Guangzhou auto show, which started today, the new energy vehicle (NEV) giant unveiled the Sea Lion 07 battery electric vehicle (BEV), the first model in the Sea Lion lineup and the first midsize all-electric SUV in BYD's Ocean series.

BYD's models include the Dynasty series, which is named after dynasties in Chinese history, including the Han, Tang, Qin, Song, and Yuan models, and the Ocean series, which is named after sea creatures and ships, such as the Dolphin, Seal, and Chaser 05.

The Sea Lion 07 is based on BYD's all-electric e-Platform 3.0, created by the team of Wolfgang Josef Egger, the company's global design director.

The model continues the design of BYD's Ocean X concept, which is the biggest feature on the exteriors of a number of other models, including the Seal.

Notably, the Sea Lion 07 is another coupe SUV under BYD's umbrella, with such models having their bodies closer to the ground than traditional SUVs.

BYD's premium Denza brand launched the Denza N7 on July 3 as the first such model under its umbrella, and the Song L, which went on pre-sale on October 31, is the second.

The Sea Lion 07 is expected to be priced between RMB 200,000 ($27,600) and RMB 260,000, lower than the Song L, CnEVPost has learned.

For comparison, the Denza N7 currently has a starting price range of RMB 301,800 to RMB 379,800, and the BYD Song L has a pre-sale price range of RMB 220,000 to RMB 280,000.

The length, width and height of the Sea Lion 07 are 4,830 mm, 1,925 mm and 1,620 mm respectively, with a wheelbase of 2,930 mm.

The model will be available in rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive versions and will be equipped with BYD's iTAC technology with DiSus-C intelligent damping body control system.

DiSus is BYD's intelligent body control system unveiled in April and is divided into three branches, including the Intelligent Damping Body Control System (DiSus-C), the Intelligent Air Body Control System (DiSus-A), and the Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (DiSus-P).

The Sea Lion array will further expand BYD's Ocean series product matrix and strengthen the series' layout in the high-value product segment, BYD said.

In the future, the SUV models of the Ocean series will be integrated into the Sea Lion array, and the sedan models will be integrated into the Seal array, forming a twin-star strategy, BYD said.

BYD sold a record 301,833 NEVs in October, including 151,749 units of the Ocean series and 137,827 units of the Dynasty series, according to figures it released earlier this month.

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