Customers who buy some of the models from 's Ocean lineup between November 1 and November 31 can get discounts of up to RMB 18,000.

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BYD (OTCMKTS: BYDDY) has begun offering limited-time discounts on several models available during the month to boost sales, with just two months left in 2023.

Between November 1 and November 31, customers who purchase models from BYD's Ocean Series, including the Frigate 07, Dolphin, Seal, Song Plus, and Chaser 05, can receive discounts of up to RMB 18,000 ($2,460), the new energy vehicle (NEV) maker announced today.

Specifically, for the Frigate 07, customers who pay a RMB 2,000 deposit can enjoy a RMB 18,000 discount when paying the remaining purchase price.

For the Dolphin and Seal, the discount is RMB 7,000; for the Song Plus and Chaser 05, the discount is RMB 5,000.

Customers can enjoy a 2-year interest-free loan for all these models, as well as a trade-in subsidy of up to RMB 8,000.

The BYD brand's models include the Dynasty and Ocean series, and the company did not announce promotions regarding the Dynasty models today.

BYD sold a record 287,454 NEVs in September, up 42.83 percent year-on-year and up 4.76 percent from August.

Its Ocean series of models sold 139,841 units in September, up 211.28 percent year-on-year and up 8.67 percent from August, data monitored by CnEVPost showed.

BYD's Dynasty lineup sold 133,806 units in September, down 14.25 percent year-on-year and essentially unchanged from 133,668 units in August.

BYD aims to sell at least 3 million vehicles this year and would strive to reach 3.6 million, the company's chairman and president Wang Chuanfu said in late March.

That means BYD would have to sell at least 307,000 NEVs each month in the fourth quarter to reach its goal.

BYD is expected to announce October NEV sales as early as later today.

($1 = RMB 7.3191)

BYD Sept sales breakdown : Song 62,840, Qin 45,072