becomes the second EV maker after Avatr to announce that it will use 's Shenxing Battery.

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Chinese electric vehicle (EV) startup Neta Auto has struck a new deal with battery giant CATL to use the latter's Shenxing Battery, which was released two months ago, becoming the second EV maker to announce that it will carry the ultra-fast charging-enabled battery.

CATL and Neta signed the agreement to deepen their strategic partnership on October 7, with executives including CATL chairman Robin Zeng and Neta co-founder and CEO Zhang Yong attending the signing ceremony, according to press releases published by the companies over the past two days.

CATL will provide business support to Neta, including new projects and new technology cooperation, supply of Shenxing Battery, and overseas business expansion, their press releases said.

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The companies said they will work together to expand overseas markets, but did not go into further detail about Neta's plans to use Shenxing Battery.

Shenxing Battery is a new battery based on lithium iron phosphate (LFP) chemistry that CATL unveiled on August 16 that support ultra-fast charging.

Vehicles equipped with the battery can get a 400-kilometer range on a 10-minute charge and is the world's first LFP battery to support 4C charging, CATL said at the August event.

C refers to the battery's charging multiplier, and 4C means that the battery can theoretically be fully charged in a quarter of an hour.

Supported by CATL's own developments, including an ultra-high-conductivity electrolyte formulation, the Shenxing Battery could allow an EV to achieve a range of up to 700 kilometers, the company said.

Shenxing Battery will be mass-produced by the end of 2023 and available in the first quarter of 2024, when customers will be able to buy cars equipped with the battery.

On August 16, Avatr Technology, backed by Changan Automobile, CATL and , announced that it will use Shenxing Battery, becoming the first EV brand to announce that it will use the battery.

Neta delivered 13,211 vehicles in September, up 9.15 percent from August but down 26.63 percent year-on-year, according to figures it announced earlier this month.

CATL unveils Shenxing Battery, claims 400 km range on 10-minute charge