's Richard Yu previously said the Aito M9, which will go on sale in the fourth quarter, is a model built from the ground up by the tech giant.

The M9, a new model of Aito, the new energy vehicle (NEV) brand backed by Chinese tech giant Huawei, has made it into a regulatory filing catalog and the model is expected to be released in the fourth quarter.

China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) today released its latest catalog of models that will be allowed to be sold in China for public comment, and the Aito M9 SUV is included.

The public can submit feedback between September 13 and September 19. Entry into the catalog is the last major regulatory process by which a model can be allowed to be sold in China.

There are two versions of the Aito M9 on the catalog, one of which is an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV) and the other is a battery electric vehicle (BEV).

The Aito M9 measures 5,230 mm in length, 1,999 mm in width and 1,800 mm in height and has a wheelbase of 3,110 mm.

The Aito M9 EREV is powered by a 112-kW engine with a displacement of 1,499 ml. The model is equipped with dual electric motors with peak power of 165 kW and 200 kW respectively.

The Aito M9 BEV is powered by dual electric motors with peak power of 160 kW and 230 kW at the front and rear, respectively, from Huawei.

Both versions will be powered by ternary lithium-ion batteries supplied by .

Aito is a premium car brand launched by local automaker Seres Group with Huawei on December 2, 2021 and its first model, the Aito M5, was launched on December 23, 2021.

Earlier today, Aito launched a new version of its second model, the M7 SUV, with lower prices.

The Aito M5 is available in both EREV as well as BEV versions, while the M7 is only available in EREV.

Huawei started warming up for the M9 earlier this year, with the tech giant's head of automotive business, Richard Yu, saying in April that the M9 would redefine the standard for the best smart SUVs priced under RMB 10 million.

The Aito M9, which will go on sale in the fourth quarter, is a new model built by Huawei from the ground up that will go beyond imagination in terms of luxury, comfort, quietness, and intelligence, Yu said in a presentation on June 16.

"We have confidence that the M9 will be the most luxurious, high-end and smartest car in the entire market," he claimed at the time.

The Aito M9 will be built on a new 800 V high-voltage platform, where Huawei will use all its new technologies in the cockpit, and smart driving space, Yu said.

Here are the images in the regulatory filing for the Aito M9 BEV.

Here are the images in the regulatory filing for the Aito M9 EREV.

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