In the January-August period, ranked first in China's NEV market with a 36.6 percent share, while came in second with 8.8 percent.

BYD continues to hold the No. 1 share of China's new energy vehicle (NEV) market as its sales continue to grow.

BYD's retail sales of NEVs in August were 241,592 units, up 43.1 percent year-on-year, according to a sales ranking released today by the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA).

That puts BYD in first place in China's NEV market with a 33.7 percent share, the only one on the list with a share of more than 30 percent.

BYD released figures on September 1 showing it sold a record 274,386 NEVs in August, including 25,023 overseas.

It's worth noting that BYD didn't specify, though its own reported sales would be wholesale sales, not retail. About half of the company's sales are battery electric vehicles (BEVs), and the other half are plug-in hybrids (PHEVs).

Tesla's retail sales in China in August were 64,694 units, up 87.5 percent year-on-year, placing it second in the Chinese NEV market with a 9 percent share.

All of Tesla's models are BEVs. The company sold 51,117 Model Ys in China in August, as well as 13,577 Model 3s, according to data released by the CPCA last week.

's retail sales in August were up 92.7 percent to 52,057 units, placing it third in the NEV market with a 7.3 percent share.

(NASDAQ: LI) had retail sales of 34,914 units in August, up 663.8 percent year-on-year, and ranked No. 7 in China's NEV market with a 4.9 percent share.

Li Auto's models are all extended-range electric vehicles (EREVs), essentially plug-in hybrids.

(NYSE: NIO) had retail sales of 19,329 in August, up 81 percent year-on-year, and took the No. 9 spot in China's NEV market with a 2.7 percent share, according to the CPCA rankings.

Similar to Tesla, all of Nio's models for sale are BEVs.

Leapmotor's retail sales in August were 14,190, up 13.3 percent year-on-year, and ranked 10th with a 2 percent share. The company sells both BEVs as well as EREVs.

In the January-August period, BYD's retail sales in China were 1,627,047, placing it No. 1 in the Chinese NEV market with a 36.6 percent share.

Tesla's retail sales in China in January-August were 390,222 units, ranking second in the NEV market with an 8.8 percent share.

GAC Aion ranked third with a 6.9 percent share in January-August, Li Auto ranked 7th with a 4.7 percent share, Nio ranked 9th with a 2.1 percent share and ranked 10th with a 1.7 percent share.

In the retail sales rankings for the entire Chinese automotive market, including combustion engine vehicles and NEVs, BYD ranked No. 1 in the January-August period with a 12.3 percent share.

FAW-Volkswagen was second with 8.6 percent share and Changan was third with 6.6 percent.

CPCA rankings: Top-selling automakers in China in Aug